Over the past couple decades, the members of Koan have been entwined in each others’ musical histories. Through various bands and ages, they’ve always found themselves around one another. Somehow. It seems only natural, then, that they would return to this place they’d grown so comfortable with–and fond of–years before.

Koan formed in 1997 in Northern Kentucky. They operated intensely through 2001 and subsequently took a hiatus when college came a-calling. Its members then formed and led various groups over the years (Film Caught Fire, Junior Revolution, Mara, Swearengen) while life’s gears ground away.

The gentlemen of Koan have resurfaced here and there to play a show every now and again around the Cincinnati area. As of 2011, the band looks to pick back up and is beginning to work on new material. You’ll find updates, music new and old, as well as photos and videos as they become available.